This course offers a tour of the different conceptions of the creative body from a holistic point of view, highlighting ways to assimilate it through dance. It contains exercises where teacher-student interaction makes it possible to perceive different languages of the body and different ways of reacting. It includes interviews with dancers and teachers from the School of Dance Art of the University of the Arts, ISA, who share their ways of assimilating the body through dance. It is divided into six lessons with their respective educational materials: Body and Context, The Cultural Body, The Expressive Body, Body and Dances, The Creative Body and The Poetics of the Body. This course has been developed in the framework of the UNESCO Transcultura Programme and funded by the European Union.
Course sheet
Teaching staff

Dr. C. María del Carmen Mena
Full Professor of the School of Dance Art of the University of the Arts (ISA), Cuba, with over 40 years of experience in the artistic teaching system in Cuba and other countries, She is also a member of the UNESCO International Dance Council.