How to Create a MOOC Step by Step
The MOOC Familiarisation with the MOOC course approach has the initial aim of presenting the UNESCO Transcultura Programme, its areas of action and its main lines of work. Besides, it offers general guidelines on the production of courses with a MOOC approach. The course is divided into five main topics or sections, with their respective support materials, which are: Introduction to the UNESCO Transcultura Programme, The MOOC Creation Process, Design Recommendations, On-Camera Communication and Information Sources. This MOOC has been developed in the framework of the UNESCO Transcultura Programme and funded by the European Union.
Course sheet
Teaching Staff

Alessandra Borchi
Coordinator of the Transcultura Programme
UNESCO Regional Office in Havana

Sulema Rodríguez Roche
Transcultura Programme Officer
UNESCO Regional Office in Havana

Lisveth Cantillo Ponce de León
UNESCO Regional Office in Havana

Lilien Trujillo Vitón
Journalist and Photographer