Entrepreneurship management in heritage tourism destinations
The Entrepreneurship management in heritage tourism destinations course aims to convey to entrepreneurs the essential aspects, both conceptual and instrumental, required to develop a successful creative entrepreneurship in heritage tourism destinations. It offers basic knowledge on tourism and cultural heritage; opportunities for their linkage, and tools to develop a business idea. This course has been developed in the framework of the UNESCO Transcultura Programme and funded by the European Union.
Course sheet
Teaching staff

Dr.C. Luis Alberto Barreiro Pousa
Full Professor and consultant at the University College of San Geronimo de La Habana, attached to the University of Havana. Economist, Master's degree in International Marketing, Master's degree in Marketing and Communication and Doctorate in Economic Sciences.

Ms.C. Niurka Cruz Sosa
Assistant professor and researcher at Center of Cuban Economy studies, University of Havana. She has experience in public management of heritage sites and tourism, creative economy and local development. PhD student in Economic Sciences.